Monday, January 31, 2011


Over the last week or so I have been trying very hard to program. Yet, with each book or tutorial I attempted to read, I became confused and frustrated. I just couldn't understand these languages, or the way the person was trying to teach them. It really bothered me because this is something I would like to learn in life. I jumped from site to site, language to language, but I just couldn't get it. So, I resorted to asking reddit. I posted a thread in the sub reddit, /r/learntoprogram, about how I was having so much trouble. I wrote in the post that I really would like to learn, it is just not clear from all these tutorials where I should start. I got many great replies, but one of them caught my eye. It was an invitation to a site called The poster said that they were just about to start learning to make video games, and up until then they hadn't learned any code. So I thought, what the heck lets give it a go. To my surprise, his method of teaching was very good and straight forward. Now, although we were working with what he called "pseudo code", it was still fun and easy. Sure it wasn't the real thing, but the lessons and assignments were to help you develop the idea that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. After completing all the lessons thus far, and the assignments that go with them, I was awarded some database space which I can use in the future to host my code and try it out. I am very excited for this, and I can't wait until we actually start working with some code.


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