Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just Something to Think About

Yesterday I pulled out myself to make a call, and when I did a thought hit me. I thought about how the original cellular device was the size of a brick, and how smartphones are come close to that size again. It may not be weight wise, but length wise it is. The average smartphone is about 4" long, and the size of the original cell phone was  10" long. If you look at it, the current smartphone is almost half that size in length. Another thing to note is that we went from a flat surface, push button cell phone, to flip phones, and now back to the flat surface with "push buttons" (even though there really are no buttons). Plus, the original cell phone only had enough battery for a 60 minute call, and then you had to spend hours charging it. Compare that to the smartphones and it sounds about right. With all the applications and games we load onto our device, we don't get more then maybe 2-3 hours of battery before we need to charge it up. The difference between then and now is we can buy a bigger batter, depending on the phone of course. When you look at it, it is almost as if we are regressing instead of improving. Then again, you have to fail before you succeed.



  1. Dave- you can't imagine how big and bulky the first cellphone was. You had to carry it in a briefcase.

  2. I don't think we are regressing, it's just that people prefer larger screens so they can see more on their smart phone. If modern day wanted it, I'm sure it can create a phone smaller than a wrist watch that has over 48 hours of battery life (it can probably be solar powered and last even longer). Even though with that you won't get all of the apps and the extra goodies we're used to. (Even WiFi)