Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Price of Games

The price is too damn high! Alright maybe I didn't need to be so dramatic, but the more I think about it the more it annoys me. A couple days ago I was reflecting on what I use to pay for a new game. For example, my GaneCube games only cost about $30. Now my Xbox games run me about $60. That is almost double the price. In addition, if the game has no multiplayer, like the Fallout series, it better provide hours of good gameplay because I paid a lot of money for that game. There really is no reason for games to cost so much. Right now what your paying for is the game disc, plastic boxing, info pamphlets, and game covers. If you cut the pamphlets, plastic boxing, and game covers you would have a much cheaper game because you are paying for less labor. Then you end up with the issue of no way to protect the CD and you get a digital download. I, however, don't like digital downloads. Yes the game may load faster and play better, but I can't take the game over to my friends house easily. I would have to bring my HDD, have him recover the account, and then play. All I am saying is that the prices have doubled, and whether it is for the better or not is still unclear. Games seem to just be released every year. A good example of this would be the Call of Duty franchise, that has spit out a new game every year for almost three or four years. That is $60 per game, that is $240 in four years! The thing that really bothers me the most is the trade in value. You could buy a game on release day, play it and not like it, then trade it in. You would only get about $20-25 for it. All I am saying is I wish games were less, it would save much money for both the industry and the consumer if certain things where cut out of the picture. What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below stating your opinion.


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