Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Slowly Transfering

Recently, I have been looking for ways to get some space back on my computer. I have been deleting old files that I don't need, uninstalling unused programs, and organizing stuff. One of the things I started to do was to put some stuff on Dropbox. So what kinds of things have I moved onto Dropbox? Well, I have been moving items from my documents folder to it. It is really useful in the event I need a document, and assuming I have internet, I can access that document from anywhere. As I trim the size of my home folder down on my computer, I may move more and more of it to Dropbox. The only thing which will give you issues is iTunes. If you try and move your iTunes library to Dropbox, you will encounter a problem. iTunes will have and issue reading your library. Although there are many work arounds out there, I think I will just wait. I have the feeling Dropbox will incorporate it eventually into their program; thus, making it easier to use. Dropbox is hands down one of the best applications out there, and you should definitely sign up if you haven't already.


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