Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Records to Digital

  After many years of waiting, The Beatles have made their way to iTunes. The families of the band sat down with Apple and decided to allow Apple to host the songs. Not only did they give Apple the right to put the songs up, but they also are selling recording of live concerts that The Beatles did. Just about every album, if not every album, The Beatles has done is now on iTunes for you to download, including a box set that will run you a whopping $150. If you a die hard Beatles fan, there is now an easy way to get your favorite music. I myself purchased some of the music, but only from the albums my family didn't already own. Seeing as we own albums, we used a Record to CD converter to convert the legendary band. We then took the CD and put the music on iTunes, going through each song and filling out the proper information.As a side effect of this launch, I really hope the current generation takes a liking to this music. If this can make top of the iTunes charts, which I have no doubt in my mind it will, it may steer the current generation away from what they call "music". This is real music, not the, for the lack of a better word, garbage that is on today.


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