Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Take a Screenshot: Windows 7

Yesterday we discussed taking screenshots on a Mac. Today we will discuss how it is done in Windows 7. Windows 7 comes with a very nifty tool known as the "Snippet Tool". This tool can be found by clicking on the Start Menu and putting in the search bar "Snippet Tool". The application should appear in the results. You can also find the application under Start---> Accessories. When you click on it a small box will open. There will be three buttons: New, Cancel, and Options. Click on the little arrow next to "New", this will give you a drop down menu that looks like this:
Drop down menu
We can see here there are four options. . Here is what they all do.
Free-Form Snip: Allows you to draw an area in any way you wish and a picture will be taken of that area and put in a small editor within Snippet Tool. You can then save it.
Rectangular Snip: This will only allow your pictures to be rectangle shaped. Once taken, the picture will be put in Snippet Tool and you can then save it.
Window Snip: Using this option will let you take a picture of a specific window of an application you have open. Once taken, it will put in Snippet Tool for you to save it.
Full-Screen Snip: Allows you to take a picture of your entire screen. The image is then placed in Snippet Tool so you can save it.
Well, I hope this helps you understand how to take pictures on your Windows 7 computer. Next, we will discuss how to take pictures on Linux.


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