Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Take Screenshots: Mac

It is ok, put down the external camera, there is no need for it. It seems to me that many people don't understand that their computer can take pictures of it screen. There is no need for an external device what so ever. Today, we will be discussing how the Mac can take screenshots. There are six different ways, the first three of which are my favorites. Here are the first three ways, hold down the following keys to activate:
  1. Command-Shift-3: This allows you to take a picture of your entire screen. It will then be saved to a file on the desktop. 

Example of Command-Shift-3
     2. Command-Shift-4: Allows you to select an area by dragging your cursor over the area. It then takes a picture of that area and saves it to the desktop.
Example of Command-Shift-4
      3. Command-Shift-4-Space: Highlights the current application window, you then select with your mouse which window you would like to take a picture of. It will then take a picture of only that window and save it to the desktop. 
Example of Command-Shift-4-Space
We have now the discussed the three ways to take pictures. Now, there are three other ways, but they are almost the exact same thing, with on thing added. In the other three ways you add the button "Control" after holding down "Command". When this is down, the image will not be saved to your desktop, but to your clipboard. It is essential taking a copy of the image, and then you can paste where ever you would like. Tomorrow, we will discuss how to take pictures on Windows.


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