Sunday, November 14, 2010

Here Come The Sales

With Thanksgiving only two weeks away, many stores and online sites are starting to cut their prices. If you haven't already, start putting money aside for use towards these great sales. Gamers who use Steam know the crazy price cuts Steam does during the holiday season. PC builders tend to go to NewEgg, who in this case has already started cutting prices. Then there are people who like to shop for clothing etc.. However, I am not really sure where they go since I don't do that on a regular basis. Although the deals may be out of this world, always remember to spend your money wisely. Most of the time these sales have a strict no refund policy. Last thing you want to do is go buy a Solid State Drive and find out you go the wrong size (60GB instead of 100GB). If you are a Gamer with Xbox Live, I suggest you keep an eye on Games for Windows Live. Tomorrow they will be updating the site with over 100 new titles and much more. More on that topic tomorrow. Is there anything you plan on buying during the holiday sales? If so what is it? Leave a comment below if you are.



  1. Dave-Have you considered renting the games through an on line Netflix type game rental service. That would be cheaper than buying those games that you only play once or twice and then would sell back to stores like Gamestop. This way you would not have to pay full price for games that are not that good

  2. I have considered GameFly. I have not tried it however. The reason is not all games are "Play once and sell". Most games now-a-days have a tendency to release extra content down the road. That then requires me to re-rent the game from GameFly. Not to mention that many games come with an online aspect to them; even though I may have finished the campaign, I can jump online anytime with a friend if I own the game. In the event that I don't own the game, I can't go online and play with a friend when ever I want. Plus, I try to pick out the best games and get my moneys worth. If I pay $60 for a game, it has to meet my standards. Plus, most games I buy last me about 2-3 years before I sell them. Again, I am open to GameFly, but there are just parts about it I don't like.