Friday, November 12, 2010

Flash Videos on iPhone/iTouch

For the first time ever, an application has been allowed into the app store that allows you to natively watch flash videos on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Skyfire is a fully functional web browsing application based off of Safari. Although it does not have the speed that browsers such as Opera Mini, it does allow you to watch flash videos on iPhone and iPod Touch. It also includes the ability to turn on private browsing, and choose whether to load the page for a desktop computer, or a mobile application. Flash is easily enabled by the tap of an icon at the bottom of the browser. This icon will only show as "tappable" when there are flash videos on the page. If there are none then it will not allow you to press the icon. Just to make it clear, you cannot play flash games or flash applications using this browser, only flash video. There is currently a limited time priced of $2.99 for those who purchase now. I personally own this application, and think it is definitely one you should have. In addition, if you are an iPad owner, don't fret, the application is going to be optimize for your device soon.


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