Sunday, September 12, 2010

Localized, External, or Online?

Many people now are starting to keep their information stored online, and others tend to keep theirs on their computer. Some even keep their items on an external drive. Then the question arises, is it better to store your documents online,externally, or on your hard drive? All have their pros and cons. For example, storing your information online is great, you can access it from any computer (with internet) and it doesn't take up space your drive. On the other hand, storing online can also be a security risk. If, for what ever reason, the server you store your information on is compromised, you could lose important data. Yet, if you store on your hard drive, it takes up space, slows down your computer, and cannot be accessed from other computers. However, you don't have to worry about security as much compared to storing online. And then there is storing on an external device, such as a USB stick,ESATA (external SATA drive), or USB Hard Drive. In the event that your hard drive is compromised, or fails, you have all your data on an external device. Plus, depending on the type of external device, you can take your files where ever you go. However if you lose your external drive, or something goes wrong you lose the data. All have their pros and cons, and for this reason I suggest utilizing all three, so there is always some back up. Leave a comment listing which one you like to use!


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