Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Streaming: Mac to 360

It is probably a little known fact that Microsoft's hit console, the Xbox 360, can have music, photos, and more, streamed to it from a Mac. However, it can be done with a program called Connect 360. Here is how:

1. Download Connect360 from the link above.
2. Mount the .dmg and install the program.
3. Open up System Preferences and look under the category of "Other".
4. Click on Connect360. If it says "System Preferences must quit and reopen to run this application" just click "OK". This is because the program runs in a 32 Bit mode and your Operating System runs at 64 Bit.
5. Follow the instruction provided with in the application on how to link your Xbox 360.

Once linked, you can stream you music, photos, and more to your console. The only downside is the free version of this software only allows you a certain amount of items to be streamed. If you would like the full version, you will have to pay 20$.


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