Monday, August 30, 2010

Gamers Gotta Game

Most of you who game probably know that one of the most important, if not the most important thing, is your mouse. Your mouse is your weapon of choice, the thing that separates you from the rest. It is the thing that helps show if you are a noob or a pro. However, the hardest thing about your mice, is choosing which one you should be using. There are just so many mice out there, it can be daunting to choose a good brand. So, what should you be looking for a in a mouse? First and foremost would be form factor. Does it fit your hand comfortably? Are the buttons in good places so as not to get in the way or be accidentally clicked? Is it big enough for your hand? Things like this are very important. The best way to decide that is to go hands on. Find your local computer store and try out the mice there, see how they feel. Next, does it support button assigning? You want to have full customizability over your mouse. This is very important because some buttons on the keyboard are in such bad places, it is better to map them to your mouse. For example, when in Team Fortress 2 the button to use voice chat is "V", but when you hit that button it prevents you from walking right. That can cause you to die, and you don't want that. Hence the reason I assigned "V" to one of my mouse's buttons. Up next is the DPI, dots per inch, which essentially means how far your mouse will move on screen every inch you move off screen. So if you display is 1024x900 and your mouse dpi is 1000 then you would move across your entire screen every one inch. The higher the dpi, the faster your mouse will move across the screen. Also, you will want to have an optical gaming mouse, it is the most accurate when it comes to movement. Finally, the compatibility with your operating system. Most of you use Windows, so that is not a big issue for you, but Mac gamers will have a tougher time. With the recent addition of Steam to the Mac's arsenal, Mac gamers have to find a mouse that is compatible with their OS. I know for a fact, as a Mac gamer, that Razer supports the Mac OS with their mice. With all that said, who should be buying from? Top brands that I recommend are Logitech and Razer. If you wish, leave a comment below about which mouse you have!



  1. The mouse on both computers are built in. But I like the mouse made by the swiss :P

  2. I haz a logitech mouse go me! And nice article post thing :)