Sunday, August 29, 2010

Turn Your Favorite Website into an App!

If you constantly have certain sites open, but hate switching between tabs, this is the right article for you. Fluid is an application for Mac that allows you to take any URL and make a small application out of it. Simply put the link of the website you wish to use, give it a name, choose a folder to store it in, and give it an icon. Once it is done, you can run your application whenever you want, and get rid of all those nasty tabs. No more jumping between windows, you can just switch between applications. Plus, if you use spaces, you can have your app always open in certain space. That makes it even more organized! Not to mention the fact that you can reset browser history just like in a normal browser. This is useful in case the site gives an update. This is a great way to give Skype some competition, just make a Gmail app. Leave a comment below stating what applications you have made out of websites!


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