Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A simple way to create a website.

I recently discovered a neat way to host your own website. Unfortunately you don't get your own domain name, but you can host for free. To do this you can use Dropbox, an online storage site. Dropbox gives you 2.0GB of free space if you are a free user. There is a monthly fee if you wish to pay, but there really is no need. So here is how you can set up your own website for free!

1. Join dropbox. You can do this by using the following link: Join Dropbox!
2. Once you set up your drop box, download the dropbox application.
3. After installing go to the dropbox folder on your computer and go to the "Public" folder.
4. In this folder you can put your html file. You can create one in a simple text editor. I used Textwrangler, I found it very simple and easy. If you don't know any html, it is very easy to learn. You can learn it from HTML Tutorial from W3
5. Once you have all your files in place, log on to Dropbox and navigate to your "Public" folder.
6. Click on your html file and it will load! You now have your own website.

Now since you don't have a custom domain name, and the one from dropbox is long and annoying, you can use TinyURL to create a shorter name. Plus, if you are really serious you can get Dreamweaver. I think my version is cheaper :). Enjoy!


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