Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Follow up on mag safe adapters

So as many of you know, I recently purchased a new mag safe power adapter for my macbook (black) because of my cat. Well it turns out, that charger didn't work. Even after the SMC reset I did, it failed to charger after my computer had been put to sleep. I went and exchanged it for a new one, and yet the same thing happened. I didn't want to go through charger after charger to find out, so I scheduled a Genius Bar appointment. I sat down and described my problem to the Apple Genius Employee. He then told me that cases like mine, where the new charger doesn't charge older models (pre unibody), had been coming in all week. "Put simply," he said "When Apple redesigned the charger they failed." As a result, I traded in my new, shiny "L" shape adapter for an older "T" shape adapter. I have no trouble at all with my new "T" shape adapter. I was told that if I ever needed a new adapter, just schedule a Genius appointment, and they can go through the Apple Service Center to get me a "T" shaped adapter. So a warning to all of you older macbook owners, stick with the adapter you have!


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