Friday, August 13, 2010

Mag safe not so safe...from my cat

My good old mag safe power adapter for my macbook, which is the second one I have had, fell prey to the damage my cat dealt it. Just the like the original I had, this one fell to a tear in the cord itself, which heated up to such a degree you could be burned when touching it. I was forced to replace my old one with the new, sleeker looking, mag safe. However, the newer version covers the ethernet port on my laptop. A down side, but not by much since I am always wireless. The thing that caused me the most trouble was when charging. When I first plugged it in, the green light did not go on and my mac did not charge. I worried that maybe I had bought a faulty product. Luckily I used a relative's macbook to test, and sure enough it worked. My relative has the early 2010 unibody macbook. So I headed over to my trusty friend Google to see what I could find. Most of my searches yielded nothing, which really annoyed me because I didn't want to return this, I needed to charge my computer. Next stop was the Apple Support Forums, and sure enough many others had the same problem I had. After reading through a couple thread, I found one that had a possible fix. The fix was as follows:

1. Turn off your macbook and unplug your mag safe.
2. Remove your battery.
3. Hold down the power button along with the option and control keys for five seconds.
4. Place your battery back in your computer.
5. Connect the mag safe.
6. Boot up your computer and hold down the power button, and the option and control keys like before. Wait until the sleep LED flickers and then stop holding down all three buttons.

I was very pleased to find that this fix worked and I now have a new mag safe that is fully functional. I also learned from Lifehacker that there is a proper way to wrap your power cable. You can watch the following video so you can learn how to properly wrap your power cord without causing damage:

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This information helped me enormously, I hope it does the same for some of you!


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  1. Dave, Great find. How come Apple does not disclose this to their clients? I guess they need to sell more chargers.