Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Simple Ways to Save

Everyone uses electronics now a days. Thus, your electric bill can go up from the amount of electricity being consumed. From your computer, to your lights, even your TV, all these things can run up your bill. All of these things, and many others, raise your bill. You don't want to pay a huge sum though, so how do you save? It is actually very simple. If you are not using something, like the lights in your room, then turn them off when you leave the room. All they do is generate heat and suck up energy, and if you are not using them then there is no reason they should be on. If you are not home all day, shut your computer off, don't leave it in sleep/hibernate. It is still using energy to save where you were when you stopped using it. Just doing something small like this can save a lot in the long run. So go ahead, give it a try!


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  1. Just an observation. Electronics that remain connected to outlets continue to use electricity for clocks and batteries even though they are shut off. Consider unplugging them when away for a couple of days or more, and this will further reduce consumption of energy.