Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gmail or Skype?

With the new addition of a calling method in Gmail, Skype now has a competitor. Skype has been around long time and have really cemented their roots. Gmail is new and people aren't really sure where this feature will lead to. The thing is, they both do almost the exact same thing, with subtle differences of course. The biggest being that Gmail runs in your browser, where as Skype runs in an applications. They both require an internet connection, and allow free calling in the US and Canada. They can also make free calls to the same program (Gmail to Gmail and Skype to Skype). In addition, they both have fees for calling outside the US, although the fees are not so high. However, one thing Skype does have over Gmail is the ability to show people your screen while you are talking with them. On the other hand, Gmail has the ability to transfer calls from the browser to your phone for free if you have Google Voice setup for it. Both are great options for calling people, leave a comment on which one you prefer and why. I personally use Skype more because it is an application and I don't have to navigate to a website.


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