Sunday, September 5, 2010

Which Mail is Most Important?

Gmail has once again rolled out a new feature. The new feature being Priority Mail. This add-on is supposed to allow the user to easily sort through mail, so you can get to the more important messages first. When you first start using Priority Mail, it will scan your Gmail account, and guess which pieces of mail are important and which are not. It will then ask you if the way it has sorted the mail is correct. You can then make some quick changes, or leave it the way it is. Once, you're ready, click continue. Gmail will then set up your priority inbox. Within priority inbox you will see two new buttons. A "+" button and a "-" button. You can use these buttons to increase the importance of a piece/pieces of mail or decrease the importance. Important pieces of mail will be marked with a gold tab so that you know to read that first. You can use either the priority inbox or the the normal inbox, both will show your priority mail. If you don't like priority inbox, simply go to your settings and click the tab labeled "Priority Inbox" and then at the bottom click "Don't Show". Save your settings and you won't have to use it. I have found it very useful in my inbox and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about using it.


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