Saturday, September 25, 2010

Think Before Locking

Passwords. They are used in EVERYTHING nowadays, and there just seems to be too many of them. The sheer amount compels most people to make one password, and use it everywhere. DON'T, I repeat, DON'T do this. It is the least secure thing you could do. Here are some things you can do instead that will enhance your security.
1. Expire One of the things you can do, depending on the service, is set your password to expire every couple of weeks/days. This will make sure it is always changing, making it hard for anyone after your password to get it.
2. Randomness Keep your password as random as possible, make sure it makes absolutely no sense at all. Although it is harder to remember, it is safe in the long run.
3. Length Try your best to max out the number of characters when making a password. The longer the password, the better it is.
4. Secretive Don't tell anyone your password, don't hint about what it is or how you thought about it.
5. Not Personal Make sure it does not reflect you, or anything relating to you. No family, birthday dates, favorite song/band/music/genre/tv show/etc. Anyone who knows you well enough could probably guess your password.
6. Numbers Use numbers in between letters, before, after, anywhere possible.
Follow these tips and you will almost always have a safe password.


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