Thursday, September 30, 2010

A boy is reunited with his game

A couple weeks back I moved some things around and misplaced my Halo CE edition for Mac. I was furious because that is one of my favorite games. In addition, buying a new one was out of the option because the price has recently risen due to the fact that they no longer sell the game. I turned my room inside out looking for this game. I kept hearing the question "where was the last place you had it", and I kept answering "In my room". Just yesterday it dawned on me that there was one place I had not checked, and that was inside my night stand. Frantically, I opened it up, it being a small white box, and rummaged through everything. Low and behold my CD was there. I was so excited that I proceeded to install it on my Hackintosh and play online for an hour. It just goes to show that nothing is really lost, online misplaced. Just like Spartans, they are never dead, just missing in battle. Have you ever lost something you really liked and then found it? Leave a comment below telling your story!


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  1. I almost lost my wallet once. I can't even describe the feeling I felt when I found it. It was like the whole world became a better place all at once.