Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Forget Wall Chargers

Ever needed to charge your iPod, but you have no more wall space left? Or maybe you don't want to leave it plugged into the computer all night. Well, there is a solution! FastMac TruePower U-Socket is that solution. It not only comes with two three-pronged outlets, but also comes with two USB adapters. This allows you to plug your USB device straight into the wall when charging. This would be a great addition next to a night stand if you charge nightly. The only two flaws I could see with this product are power outages and space. Unlike when charging on a computer, the wall is not protected by a surge protector, meaning this might fry your gadget. However, I would think there is some sort of safe guard built in, either in the gadget or the wall socket. The great thing about this product is it allows you to charge your USB device without having to use a wall charge; thus, saving space for another piece of technology. This nifty little device will run you about $23 and can be self installed. However, unless you're an electrician, I don't recommend installing it on your own. Last thing you want is to be shocked while installing this.


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  1. Dave -please let your readers know this item is currently waiting on final safety approval, and to hold off until it is received.