Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Happened Yesterday?

Many of you may have noticed that yesterday came around, and there was no update. In addition, there was no mention as to why there was no update via my twitter. Well, yesterday I had the brilliant idea to update to Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop. I did not feel like burning a disk, so I decided I would use the terminal method I found online. All I had to do was go to terminal and type "update-manager -d", without the quotations. With that, update manager will open and show the option to update in the top bar. After doing this I let it download the packages and start installing. However, something went wrong while it was installing. My entire computer froze on the spot. I couldn't get it to respond, so I had to shut it off by holding down the power button. This of course ruined the update, and although I could boot into ubuntu with the new update, nothing worked. It was at this point that I decided I prefer a copy of the installation on a disk, where less could go wrong.

With this decision, I went to the ubuntu website and started downloading from one of the links. The first link had a very low download speed, which led me to believe it was a very busy server. So after a couple hours I decided to try from a different server. The second server which I tried was much faster and downloaded in twenty minutes. Then I simply burned the iso to a disk using disk utility. After that, rebooted into the disk and start my installation. I had to be careful to select the advanced option since I didn't want to overwrite my other operating systems. Once the installation was complete, I restarted and booted into Ubuntu 11.04 without any issues. Now you know why there was no update yesterday.


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