Monday, April 4, 2011

iPod Nano to Get Camera?

It looks like the rumor mill has turned up some pretty interesting information. The site Modmyi has posted an image of what seems to be the next iPod Nano, but with a camera. The camera, which was part of the 5th Generation iPod Nano, was removed during the release of the 6th Generation Nano. The reason it was removed was because it was believed that the 6th Generation Nano was too small to be able to take picture. However, I would not be surprised if Apple added the camera, as that would follow along their current marketing strategy. Like with the iPad, the 6th generation nano was released with no camera. When iPad 2 came, it brought with it a camera. Apple tends to make it seem like their technology must be bought the second it comes out, but if you just wait a year some new feature will be added to it that will make it way better then the first.


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