Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wii 2 Rumored

While most of the internet is focused on unlocking Portal 2 early, there has been a rumor spreading around about the next generation Nintendo console. Nintendo's new console is rumored to be announced this year at E3. In addition, the console is rumor to out do all the current generation systems, except for PC of course. Another rumor is it will be backwards compatible with current Wii titles, no word on Gamecube titles though. There are also some wacky rumors, such as the remote will have a screen on it so you can see what you are playing, or that the code name is "Project Cafe" because you can take it to a cafe and play it there. There is also speculations regarding what the system specs will be, one being it will have an IBM PowerPC processor, an ATI R700 graphics card, and 512 MB of RAM. Whether any of this is true is unknown, but it is too long until we find out. Only about a month and a half until E3.


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