Saturday, November 20, 2010

How To Take a Screenshot: Linux

Finally, we come to taking screenshots on Linux. The method used by Linux is very similar to that of Windows, all you need is a program that comes with your linux distribution. I am using Gnome Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition. To start, head over to the Linux icon in the the top left corner (this may differ depending on where your bar is). Here is where mine is:
From there, proceed to Accessories-->Take Screenshot. A new window will open up, and it should look like this:
As you can see, there are three options. These options resemble that of the Mac, but the application resembles that of Windows. The only thing it lacks when compared to windows is the ability to do free form pictures. Make sure that you set your Grab after a delay of to at least 1 second(s). If you don't I found it won't take the picture. You can change the seconds to a higher number if you have to get to a certain menu before the picture is taken. You also have the options of showing your cursor in the picture,  including the window border, and some effects to spice it up. Also, when using Grab the current window, it will grab the foremost application window. So, if you wish to take a picture of FireFox, but Terminal is on top of that, it will take a picture of Terminal. Linux also includes other methods, like using terminal, but I found those a tad complex.


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