Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Will Leave A Mark

People have a tendency to leave things on every now and then, but the one thing they shouldn't leave on is their screen. This really applies only to those with desktops, unless of course your laptop is hooked up to an external monitor. Anyway, people leave their screen on for hours some times. When I say on, I don't mean as if they are playing a game or surfing the web, I mean just leaving it at the desktop and walking away. If the screen is not turned off, you could eventually induce screen burn upon your screen. What is screen burn? Well, screen burn is when what is left of the screen for long periods of time actually burns itself into the screen. When you turn your computer off, you will be able to see an outline of what was on the screen. Plus, if it is really bad, you can see it while you are working on your computer. Keeping your screen off, even if your computer is on, when you are not using is the best way to prevent screen burn. Just remember, turn it off unless your using it because a new one is quite expensive.


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