Thursday, January 6, 2011


This week, the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, has begun. CES kicks off the year for revealing new technologies that will be coming. Last night, Windows Phone 7 was given an announcement that it would be going to Verizon and Spring in the first quarter of this year. This news is interesting because it may be Microsoft's way of trying to beat out Apple. In what way you may ask? Well, it seems pretty clear to me that if Microsoft is moving their smartphone to Verizon, Apple must be planning something a long those lines. There are also some windows tablets that have been announced by ASUS. I am guessing they are going to compete with the iPad. Many new TVs are being announced, but there is nothing really new in that area. All TVs have going for them at the moment is 3D, but I doubt that will catch on anytime soon. This is also a rumor which has been going around that Windows 8 might be making an appearance at CES. This has not happened yet, but if it does it would be Microsoft's way of competing with Apple's Lion OS. We will let this one play out and see what each side has to offer.


P.S I will be away tomorrow-sunday and won't be around to get updates out.

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