Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last Day to Grab Great Sales

Steam's amazing sales will end tomorrow, making today the last day to get any of the games you want. The sale has been going for over two weeks now, with new deals everyday. Rumor has it that today will be a recap of all the greatest selling games throughout the sale. That, in my mind, sounds like it would happen. However, if you get to the sale before 1 PM EST, you can get Half Life 2 on sale. It is an amazing deal for an amazing games, and I highly recommend it to everyone. Other games of note that you should pick up if they go on sale again are Super Meat Boy, Batman Arkham Assylum, Borderlands, Dragon Age Origins, Dirt 2, and Battlefield Bad Company 2. All of these are amazing games which you should check out. Due note that Dragon Age takes up 23 GB of space, so make sure you have space. I hope everyone got what they wanted from the sale, lets hope for just as good a sale next year!


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