Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Well the weekend is finally here. I decided to start learning how to program. I wasn't sure were to start so I just googled "how to program ruby". First hit led me to a site that teaches you how to code ruby. The site is very straight forward, and easy to understand. All you need is a compiler and code editor. For me, I use Text Wrangler to edit the code. Then, through text wrangler, I compile it in Terminal. Methods may differ depending on the OS you are using.  The site I am using is very straight forward and easy to follow. I picked up the language fairly quickly. Plus, there are small self tests at the end of each lesson for you to try. If you do them, there is a good chance you will understand the language better. By doing the self tests, I learned to figure out what I wanted my program to do. I solve any mistakes, and tried different things until I got it right. It helps you know the program a lot better by testing yourself.  This is what I am spending my weekend on, how about you?


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