Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dropbox DropQuest

  Over the weekend, Dropbox started its DropQuest. The quest is a scavenger hunt. For each part of the hun which you complete, you will get a little bit of free space. If you complete the entire hunt, you will have earned 1 GB of free space. You will keep that space for a life time. However, there is a catch. You will be timed as you go through the quest. The fastest time will be awarded first place. The rest of the places will go to the batch of people with the runner up times. Here are the official placements:
Dropquest will also be timed, and the fastest finishers will be rewarded with even more fantastic prizes.
  • Platinum: (1) Dropbox hoodie (Psychobox), LIMITED EDITION Dropbox Hack Week t-shirt (actual design), Dropbox drawing signed by the Dropbox team, 50 GB for life!
  • Gold: (10) Dropbox hoodie (Psychobox), Dropbox print signed by the Dropbox team, 10 GB for life!
  • Silver: (20) Dropbox t-shirt (Psychobox), 5 GB for life!
  • Bronze: (50) 2 GB for life!
    ...and a few secret prizes too!
More Info:
You don't have to start right at the starting time, as Dropquest will be available for two weeks. The starting time really only matters if you're going for the top prizes. Feel free to work together with a friend or two, but remember that only the fastest will be rewarded! This thread will also be used as a hub for all Dropquest related announcements, as well as intermittent hints for puzzles that may stump you along the way. If you're in need of live help, I suggest you visit Dropbox's IRC channel (irc.foonetic.net, #dropbox) as well (It's a cool place to hang out anyway). Good luck everyone!
Everyone  whom enters, I wish you good luck! If you don't have DropBox yet, you can join now!


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