Friday, January 28, 2011


I am always open to trying new applications. When I found Alfred on the Mac Store, I was intrigued by what it did. Alfred is a free productivity application for Mac. It allows you to do a slew of things. For example, it allows you to search files on your computer. At first, some might say "Why not use spotlight?". Well, the simple answer is Spotlight search is slower then Alfred. In addition, Alfred can search Google, Amazon, and even Wikipedia. Alfred can define words, or help you spell a word by guessing what you are trying to spell. If you really like what Alfred does, then you can upgrade to the Powerpack. Powerpack is a $15 extension that add many features to Alfred. Some of these features in clude: An iTunes mini player, a Finder navigator, an Email searcher, and much more. You can try Alfred now for free on the Mac Store.


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