Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Dated and Priced

Yesterday, Nintendo announced the price and date of the Nintendo 3DS. It also announced several games that would be coming to the console. The console is due out before the end of the first quarter, the exact date being March 27th. The price is a little steep in my opinion, coming in at $250. The reason I believe it is steep is because that is almost the same price as an Xbox or a PS3. To rank a hand held console at the same price is just absurd. Plus, the difference between this DS and the last one is the wireless card, the 3D, analog stick, a built in memory card, and the option of an SD card. That is not that big when you think about it. It also runs an updated version of the former operating system, which does nothing that impressive. It will be backwards compatible with normal DS games, and you will also be able to purchase old Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color games. That annoys me too because I own older games. Why would I want to pay for them again? I see no reason to get on of these yet. Looks like I will be waiting on this one.


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