Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sometimes, it is Best to Skip

As you may recall, yesterday I discussed a new game that was to be released. I had been eyeing this game, and was excited about its being released. Come the time at which the game was released, I had my money in hand and was ready to buy. However, before buying I wanted to double check that this was really the game I wanted. I wanted to check if this was really going to live up to my expectation. Was this going to be the Call of Duty killer my friend told me it would be? Would it surpass Battlefield Bad Company 2? I went online and searched google for reviews. To my surprise, many sites didn't like the game. Most said it was average, and the only gameplay mechanic it had going for it was the destructible environment. Graphics were sub par, and sound quality was below standards. I was really surprised. I had waited almost eight months for this game. So, with much vexation, I put my money away and saved it. Now that I look back on the whole event, I am glad I didn't spend my money. I can proudly say I am saving it.


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