Sunday, October 24, 2010

Three Major Games This Week

Start this week off with three of the hottest titles. On Tuesday the games Rock Band 3, Fable III, and Star Wars the Force Unleashed II will be released. These are some of the holidays most wanted games. Rock Band 3 will be the first music game ever that actually teaches you how to play an instrument. Only down side to that is you must purchase an instrument controller fitted special for the game.  I myself would like to learn guitar, so in the future I hope to buy the guitar that doubles as a controller and a real guitar. Then there is Fable III, the sequel to Fable II. In the game, you play a brother/sister of a tyrant king, and you must lead a revolution against him. Finally, there is Star Wars the Force Unleashed II. This game, being the sequel to Star Wars the Force Unleashed, is an over the top jedi game. You are gifted with huge amounts of the force, allowing you to take out more then just a storm trooper. You play as Starkiller, Darth Vaders secret apprentice, who has found out he is a clone. He is being held captive by Vader until he is needed again, but he escapes. The story is his adventure through the galaxy to find out more about himself. All three of these games are very exciting, and I can't wait to get them. Are you going to get any of these games? Leave a comment below stating which ones.


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