Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Service

Recently, I have had some issues with a game company, and have had to contact their customer service. However, unlike many, I am dealing with real people, and that makes a world of difference. It is on a personal level, not an automated one. The one thing I hate the most is calling in and getting either an automated voice, or a real person reading a script. Both drive me insane. Automated voice just waste your time until they give up and transfer you. People reading a script have almost no chance of helping you unless they stop reading the script for a minute and think. The thing is, they are told never to stop using the script. If they would just stop using the script and think, they may be more helpful. I am so impressed with this game company I am currently dealing with. They are helping me with my problem, dedicating time to it, it is just amazing. I wish more companies could be like them.


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