Saturday, October 2, 2010

It may be old, but it is still new

Just a couple of days ago I decided to go out and get Halo 2 for the PC. The main reason I chose the PC version over the Xbox original version is because the PC version still has multiplayer. Now, although the graphics are a little out dated, the game is still fantastic. I never played Halo 2 due to the fact I didn't have an xbox at the time. Plus, although the game said "Exclusively for Windows Vista" it is running fine on Windows 7. I installed the full game, which means I don't need the disk to run it. In addition, it is part of the "Games for Windows LIVE", which allows me to play with my Xbox Live gamertag and earn achievements. Games for Windows LIVE is alright, but it would be nice if it was update to accommodate things like Party Chat. That would allow me to talk to more then just one of my friends at a time. I really pleased with the game as a whole, it is a bunch of fun.


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