Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Future of Textbooks

I, like any other, has lugged around textbooks. Now and then a teacher will say they are unneeded, which is quite a relief, but almost every teacher demands you bring it. Honestly, think of the weight of your backpack, you have so much stuff you have to carry, a good 30-40 Lb maybe. The way a good teacher of mine put it "Look at all the books they give you, you guys will all have scoliosis before you get to college!". Here is my thoughts, they are too heavy, and not only that, but you almost never make it through the entire textbook. Not to mention how much paper they waste printing this stuff. Plus, what backpack can carry all these books, it is ridiculous. Here is how I see it fit to change this. In the future, near future most likely, you will get some sort of touch screen e-reader. I don't know who will make it, nor do I care, as long as it does some of the following. It should have the ability to highlight sentences, look up words, store hundreds of textbooks, be able to jump to any page, be compact and portable, and very durable. Each one should also have a tracking device with a specific number embedded in it so that if you lose it, the school/college can find it for you at the click of the button. The best part, you would only have to bring your laptop to class. Then you would have your textbooks on this e-reader on the right/left side of your laptop, and then your laptop to take notes. Not to mention all the strain it takes of the backs of students. I honestly hope something like this is implemented soon because if not, all the kids now will have some defect or permanent damage done from all the strain.


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