Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Mac is Back!

 Well, it looks like Apple is ready to ramp up their line up for this holiday season. Apple has announced that next week on October 20th, 2010, there will be an even for the Mac. What does this mean, well this means no new ipods/ipads/iphones etc. This means we are back to the computers. Laptops and desktops alike. And, as you can see from the picture, there is a Lion included somewhere in the presentation. What does that mean? Well, anyone who knows Apple well enough knows that all their operating systems are named after different types of felines. My best bet, they will be announcing OS X 10.7. There I would also bet on a possible iLife update, and maybe even something laptop related. Nothing more is known at the event, but just know that what ever comes out of it will most likely be the new hot item either this holiday season, or next holiday season. If there is a new OS in town, I will have to make sure to pick that up, along with jumping on the Hackintosh forums and seeing if I can upgrade. What do you think will come out of this? Leave a comment below!


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