Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ironically, I Typed This

Many people ask me "Is it worth getting a gaming keyboard?" or any keyboard different then the standard one. I usually tell them no, and here is my thought process behind the answer. When you are buying a flashy, shiny, brand new gaming keyboard, you are essentially saying "I can't do *insert thing here* so I need help." The way I see it, the gaming keyboard you wish to get is suppose to "give you the upper hand", meaning it takes less skill to accomplish a task. However, I don't believe in fighting the easy way. For this reason, I use a 15 year old IBM Keyboard. It looks something like this:

Why do I use this? Well... just look at it. It is so totally awesome. It is durable, clicky (haptic response), and is totally awesome for being old. No easy way out here, it is legit gaming. Do yourself a favor, save the money you were going to spend on the keyboard, and save it for a game...or something else that is better. What kind of keyboard do you use? Leave a comment below!


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