Thursday, September 9, 2010

Organization is Key

We have all had that moment when it is just impossible to find the right file. You search for it, look through lists of hundreds of documents, even trying to guess where you may have put it. Usually your search will end up finding that file, but it will be after a good amount of looking. Here is a good way you can save yourself sometime. First you will want to go to your "Documents" folder, or whereever it is that you keep your files. Next You will want to create new folders for different topics, such as "Work" or "School". From there, start sorting all your documents in the necessary folders. Once complete go into each one of those folders and make more folders, this time being more specific. Using the year is a good way to go. Then sort all the files into the proper folders. By now you are pretty much organized, but if you want you can top it off. Make a folder for each document that you have and put only that document in it. Now, not only can you easily navigate through your files easily, you can use built in search to find it too. No need to guess anymore! Feel free to leave a comment below with your suggestion on how to keep your documents sorted!


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