Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gotta Catch 'em All.... on your iDevice!

Recently, a friend of mine approached me and asked how could he play Pokemon Emerald on his jailbroken iPhone. I told him that he needed to download the application "GPSphone" from Cydia. So he tried it and found that he needed ROMs. I can't tell you where to get Roms, but I can tell you to google it. Anyway, he wanted Roms so he googled for it and found a Cydia repo that hosted roms. It took him a while to download them, but when he launched it the app crashed. This happened every time that he launched the games. He contacted me again and asked me what was wrong. So I started searching. What I found was really interesting. Anyone who used the applications "Blackra1n" to jailbreak would have a kernel that was patched correctly, while if you used Pwnage Tool you would have an incorrectly patched kernel, hence the reason the app was crashing. I told him to run "BlackRa1n" on his iPhone to fix the kernel, and it worked for him. He can now play all the pokemon games he wants. When I tried it on my iPod however, I found that "Blackra1n" only works up to version 3.1.2, not 3.1.3. So I downgraded and rejailbroke. I downloaded GPSphone, but unlike my friend, I used SSH (Secure Shell) to manually add the games to my iPod. I used an application name "Cyberduck" for Mac, there is also WinSCP if you use windows. Once I logged into my iPod I navigated to /private/var/mobile/ROMS/GBA and dropped my games in there. I started it up and now I can play my GBA games when ever I want. This can also be done on the iOS devices, but how it is done I am not sure because I don't own an iOS device. If you would like an article on how to do it on an iOS device, email me or send me a tweet and I will get right on it!


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