Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Panguin Like Sandvich!

So recently I was asked by a friend if it was possible to run TF2 on Linux. This of course spiked my interest because I like TF2, and I have linux to play around with. So I started my research, and low and behold it is possible to do so. The trick is to use Wine. You can download it from this website and then follow the installation instructions. Once that is installed, you are ready to install Steam. Go to SteamPowered and download Steam like you normally would, and when asked how to open it select Wine. Wine will ask you if you want to create a :C drive with a Programs folder, say yes. Then click next and install Steam. Once installed, open up Steam and log in, then proceed to install TF2 within Steam as you normally would. Now is where it gets a little tricky. You will want to follow the instructions listed below so that you can run TF2 without a problem.
Detailed Configuration for Team Fortress 2

This section is Optional how ever it may greatly improve the stability and frame rate you achieve with TF2.

Make sure sound is configured and working (test in winecfg).
Add "-dxlevel 81" to the TF2's launch options. This option is needed for the first run! If not removed it will reset all TF2's video settings to DX81 defaults.
Add "-nointro" option to skip valve video. Some users report this helps to avoid initial crash.
Run TF2 within a Virtual Desktop if you want consistent alt-tabbing. This is done via winecfg -> Graphics -> "Emulate a Virtual Desktop". This size should be the same as your screen resolution.
If you are using a multi-screen setup and a Virtual Desktop you may need to enable the "Allow DirectX apps to stop the mouse leaving their window" if the mouse is escaping in your Wine version.
Virtual Desktops can be defined on a per-application basis.
Information was obtained from this website.

The only tricky part about the instruction that I had trouble with was finding the TF2 launch options. They can be found by right clicking on TF2 and clicking "Properties". Then in the new window select "Launch Options" then type the code above, but without the quotes. Once you have it running you can play TF2. I get about 50-90 FPS (frames per second). Leave a comment below stating how many FPS you get with this!


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