Tuesday, January 11, 2011

iPhone Verizon

Today is the big day. Verizon is calling a conference at 11 EST to make an announcement. Many are speculating that this announcement will be regarding the iPhone switching, or being extended, to the Verizon Carrier. WSJ (The Wall Street Journal) has had multiple articles recently stating the iPhone would come to Verizon, and that Verizon would be making the announcement. They have been given the right, supposedly, to make the announcement because it is not a new phone. The phone is just changing carriers. The new CDMA version of the iPhone is speculated to go on sale around February 2nd-3rd because Verizon has blocked off all vacation days at that time. That is also around the time that Apple makes their press releases at WWDC. Some may tell you to wait for the iPhone because it is nothing new. In addition, they may also tell you that the iPhone will be re-invented in June. Well both of these things are most likely true. This is where you will have to make your decision: Get it now, or wait. Personally, I am not quite sure. I would really like it now, but I would hate to not get something new that is very useful. Anyway, it is also rumored that the antena issue may be fixed with the phones carrier switch, which would make many happy. It is also been said that Verizon will offer unlimited data plans to start, but later on they will switched to tiered data plans. Other rumors include the possibility of Steve Jobs showing up at the Verizon announcement today, and that Verizon may be given exclusive access to the White iPhone. That would give them an edge over AT&T, who does not have the white one. Color doesn't matter to me, but to some it does. remember, these are all rumors, although the WSJ has "confirmed" it will happen. Nothing is for sure until the announcement. If this announcement does happen, today will be an amazing day.


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