Sunday, January 16, 2011

Somewhat Successful Attempt

I decided to take some time yesterday to try an idea of mine. I really wanted to play Super Meat Boy on my macbook, but it is a Windows only game. My idea was to install steam in Wine, and then attempt to play through wine. Just getting steam to work properly was a pain. I had to install it through wine, then I had to change some settings in X11 ( the program that runs the applications) so that I could click. It was very tedious and quite annoying. After that, I had to wait for Super Meat Boy to download, which took a couple of minutes. When I finally started to run it, it failed to start. So, I went into the control settings for the "steam" application in wine and changed it to run in Windows XP instead of Vista. This in turn allowed Super Meat Boy to play, but with a few graphical glitches, and at a low fram rate. In the end, I ended up uninstalling the Windows version of Steam, and decided to wait until Super Meat Boy is ported to Mac.


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