Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Best Buy is Really Strumming My Cords

I have been waiting since last year's E3 show for the ability to pre-order the pro Rock Band guitar. However, only Best Buy is selling it. And not only that, but you can only pre-order online for this guitar. Does not sound so bad right? Wrong! To pre-order online requires you pay the full amount up front. That means $279.99 on the spot. It is not like GameStop where you can put $5 down and then pay the full amount later. That is the reason I like GameStop over Best Buy, they are more reasonable. Now, Best Buy has some good costumer service, but options like this really annoy me. The reason GameStop is better is because putting $5 down first allows the buyer to save up for the final product. I do this with all my games, pre-order and then save up. This way I am able to buy the product when it comes out. So, if Best Buy wants my business when it comes to expensive products online, I suggest they change their pre-order policy. I am not shelling out $300 dollars on a product before it is even ready to ship.


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