Friday, January 14, 2011

Refer-a-Friend on Xbox Live

Recently, Microsoft has started to offer some promotions for inviting a friend to upgrade to gold. It would seem Microsoft just can't get enough of our money. So here is the deal they provide you: Bring a friend to xbox live gold, and you get something special. This can range from microsoft points, to games, or to a free month of xbox live gold. For example, today's offer is "The Maw". By referring someone, you will be given the XBL title "The Maw". You only receive the promotion if the person you invite upgrades within 30 days of you inviting them. However, there is a slight catch. If the person does not wish to receive information about xbox live, you will not be able to refer them. It is a good idea in general, but I think the execution is poor. Why would a friend of yours wait for you to refer them? If they wanted to be a part of xbox live gold, they would have upgraded already. Plus, they get nothing for you referring them. It does not provide incentive. I think it should be more like DropBox which gives both the person who invites, and the person receiving the invite, 250 MB of space. Microsoft has the right idea, but just needs to work on execution. If you wish to refer a friend, click here.


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