Monday, January 24, 2011

My Security is Somewhat Essential

When you buy a new computer, many people say it is essential that you have virus protection. I agree with that, but only to an extent. Most virus protection software costs money. Not only that, but the programs just keep growing in size and slow down your computer immensely. I, however, have a method of keeping my computer safe. This method, which my friend taught me, is very simple. When you first get your computer, download everything you need right there and then. That means your drivers, programs, and games. Then, when you are done, install something lightweight like Microsoft Security Essentials. From then on out, don't download anything from the web unless you absolutely need it. For example, don't just download random programs and try them out. Instead, read up on them and see if they are worth it. Most of the time those programs aren't helpful at all. The only thing you really should be downloading are drivers for your computer. And, if possible, try to store as few documents as possible on your computer. That means you should utilize things like Google Docs or Dropbox. This way, you keep your files in a safe place, and they can be accessed from any computer. I have instituted this policy, and so far I have not had any viruses. I do a full scan of my computer once per week, just to make sure I am safe. And, in the event in which I do obtain a dangerous virus, I can wipe my hard drive and start new because I don't store any important information on my computer. In addition to that, most of my games are on Steam so I can re-download them without hassle.


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