Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fixed My Friends Computer

Recently, a friend of mine asked me why his computer was so slow. Before hand, I knew this person was not well informed when it came to computers. Sure, he or she knew what an OS is and hows to open Microsoft Word, but keeping his or her computer clean is not something in his or her repertoire. After having one look as his laptop, I started going through what I would do to clean the computer if it was mine.  First, I went to the control panel and turned of Aero Theme. All that animation on a laptop will make it pretty slow. Next, I ran "msconfig" from the Run application. I then disabled all start up items he didn't need. Finally, I clicked on "Computer" and then right clicked on the hard drive listed. I selected "Properties" and then proceeded to the hardware cleaning tool. He, or she, had almost 2 GB of temporary files that had not been cleaned out. I am yet to check back with him or her on how it is working, but I am sure it is better then before. All these methods and more can be found in my tutorial, How to Keep Windows 7 Fast.


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