Friday, April 8, 2011

Kindle Books

Books can be expensive, especially when they are teach something. In my case, the books I am looking at purchasing are about $20 each. Not the type of money you just want to toss around. The thing is, I would like to buy the books for both my iPhone, and Mac, Kindle app, as well as a physical copy. Now, the kindle copies are good because you only have to buy it once and use it on all the devices. However, I don't seen anyway to buy the physical copy too without buying the kindle copy. This is a disappointment as I would like to only have to buy each book once. I find this sort of a greedy system which Amazon has set up. I wouldn't mind if this was for a book that is $1, but two books that are $20 each is quite a lot. If I had to pay for both kindle distribution and physical copies, I could end up paying a whopping $80. So now I must figure out if there is a way to only pay once.


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